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Shenzhen Gelin electronics Established in 2004, we are a video game accessory manufacturer specializing in the manufacture, We offer joysticks, remote controls, memory cards, gaming cases, adapters, chargers, cables, headsets, batteries, LCDs, game consoles, DVD-ROM drives, hard disks and more. Our products are compatible with Nintendo's Wii and NDSL; Mirosoft's Xbox 360; Sony's PS3, PS2 and PSP 2000.

We maintain our product quality by hiring a high-caliber QC team. This team is made of 35 QC officers with three to five years' experience in this industry. Each unit undergoes 10-stage QC procedures and stringent tests by advanced machines such as XRF analyzers. Moreover, our items are made using RoHS-complaint materials and carry CE, UL and SGS marks -- for easy entry into your market. For your peace of mind, we also offer one-year warranties.

Every month, we release five new products with our R&D innovation. We also design new models according to your requirements. Our five engineers with five years' experience can communicate with you in English, ensuring your ideas will always be captured. Generally, your custom sample can be finished in three to five days.

We also welcome your OEM orders. Operating two factories, we make 30,000 units monthly and can arrange the shipment in just three days. Buyers in Europe, North America and Southeast Asia are benefiting from our fast delivery and customization services. Join satisfied global buyers such as GameDog, Y.H.T, MAS and Santana Centro by partnering with us. Contact us today.

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