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Wireless charger for PS3 controller
Item: GL-P332

Wireless Charger for PS3 Controller (Close stool Style)


This product adopts wireless charging technology; the controller is charged by the charger without using contact points. A coil is built in the charger, and CPU controls corresponding induction AC signals produced by the coil between both of the sending and receiving ends. When the charger connects to the power source, it will search for surrounding receiver and start to charge automatically. During charging stage, the LED will stay red (it is not an indicator), and turns off when fully charged.


1.      Connect the wireless charger with MINI 5PIN plug of attached wire, and then insert the two USB plugs into USB interface of PS3 console / computer. (If you only charge one controller o r  use DC 5V output power with charging current over 1A, you just need to insert one USB plug.)

2.      Insert the controller into the receiving stand correctly, and then place them on the concave portion of the stand, the indicator on the stand stays blue showing the relevant attachments are connected well to the power source; while the light on the controller will flash, showing it is charging the controller.

3.  When fully charged, the charging indicator will be off while the indicator on the stand remains unchanged.


1.      Charging current: MAX

2.      Charging voltage: 5V

3.      Weight:

4.      Shell material: ABS

5.      Color: black o r at customers’ option

6.      Dimensions:198*66*85MM

7.      Length of USB cable: 0.8m

8.      Contents: charge stand 1PCS  receiving stand 2PCS  USB cable 1PCS

9.      Package:


1.      Wireless charging, can supply power for the controllers without need of the socket of power source and physical connection.

2.      It fully reverses our understanding of traditional charger.

3.      It uses electromagnetic induction principle to transfer the energy from sending to receiving ends through induced current generated by the primary and secondary coil.

4.      Connect the receiving attachments with PS3 wireless controller correctly and place them on the concave portion of the charger and start to charge, this definitely eliminates the trouble of wires.

5.      It surmounts limitation of cables and wireless means more freedom.

6.      Two groups to charge controlled independently.

7.      There is LED indicator on the charger to show you if the controller is on the charger and they are connected well.


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