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NDSI LL Wireless charge stand
Item: GL-NiL008
Name: Wireless charge stand for NDSILL            
This product adopts wireless electromagnetic induction charging technology. A coil is built in the charge stand as well as the charge stand controls corresponding induction AC signals produced by the coil between both of the sending and receiving ends. When the charge stand is connected to power source, it will search and detect the receiving end, the blue indicator will turn on .Plus, it is compatible with NDSILL/NDSI console. It looks attractive, fashionable and is very convenient and practical. This elegantly designed product is your best gaming companion.
ⅡProduct fig
Ⅲ Instructions
1.      Connect the DC plug of the attached charge cable to the wireless charge stand, USB plug to the standard USB equipment and ensure it works normally.
2.      Connect the MINI interface of the receiving end to the attached conversion cable, paste the receiving end at the back of NDSILL/NDSI console decently, then place on the concave portion of the wireless charge stand, when it detects and searches for the receiving end, at this point, the blue indicator will turn on.
3. Connect the NDSI plug of the conversion cable to the NDSILL/NDSI console interface correctly, and then you can charge the console directly. When charging, the indicator on the charge stand will stay on, when fully charged, the indicator will turn off.
4. Turn off the console when charging.
Ⅳ Specifications
1.      Input voltage: DC5V
2.      Input current: 300-380MA              
3.      Charging current: 110-200MA
4.      Shell Material :ABS+ Rubber
5.      Dimensions: 185*115*20MM
6.      Color: white
7.      Weight: 150g
8.      Package:
Ⅴ Cautions
1.      Please read the manual carefully before using.
2.      Do not leave the product in direct sun light, high heat, and in damp conditions.
3.      Keep the product away from all liquids.
4.      Clean the product with a chemical-free dry cloth only.
5.      Stop using the product if it should break.
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