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NDSILL charges stand
Item: GL-Nil009
Name: NDSILL charges stand          
 Version: A/0
NDSILL charge stand is exclusively designed for NDSILL console. It also can charge NDSI console. Moreover, it adopts vertical design and looks attractive and compact. It is very convenient to use as well.
Ⅱ Product fig
Ⅲ Instructions
1 Connect the console to the charge stand through USB cable, then place the console on the charge stand obliquely (make sure that the charge interface of the console aims at the interface of the charge stand), then connect the charge cable to the computer.
2. When fully charged, remove the USB cable of the charge stand, and then you can remove the console from the charge stand.
3. Turn off the console when charging.
Ⅳ Specifications
1.      Charging voltage: DC4.6V-5.2V
2.      Charging current: 430MA-540MA
3.      Dimensions: 130*65*80MM
4.      Shell Material: ABS
5.      Net weight:75g
6.      Color: white
7.      Package:
Ⅴ Cautions
1.      Please read the manual carefully before using.
2.      Do not leave it in direct sunlight, high heat or in humid conditions.
3.      Keep it away from all liquids.
4.      Only use dry cloth for cleaning, do not spray chemicals on it.
5.      Please stop using it if it should break.
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