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NDSill battery charger
Item: GL-Nil017


NDSILL battery charger is a retractable product designed and developed according to the power need of the battery. Only insert the product into the NDSILL adapter or the corresponding USB power cable. Moreover, a small screwdriver attached to the product is to dismantle the battery cover of the NDSILL console conveniently. Plus, it looks stylish and exquisite; it is very easy and convenient to use. In addition, it can be compatible with NDSILL console to charge.


1.      Use the screwdriver to dismantle the NDSILL battery from the console.

2.      Correspond the battery to the contact points of the positive and negative terminals and put it correctly into the charger.

3.      Insert the DC plug of the NDSILL power adapter or the corresponding DC power plug into the NDSILL battery charger.

4.      When charging, the LED on the charger turns blue, when charging, the LED is off.

5.      Charging time: about 3-4 hours (charge 1050mAh battery)


1. Input voltage: DC4.6-5.3V

2.Output voltage: DC4.2V

3. Output current: MAX500mA

4. Shell material: ABS

5. Dimensions: 86*82*20MM

6.Net weight: 40g

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