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N3DS multifunction card case
Item: GL-N3D010

N3DS multifunction card case

his product is developed for N3DS console to store SD card, DS card and stylus pen.


This product is developed for N3DS console to store SD card, DS card and stylus pen. It is made of high strength plastic material, which can protect your console from shock, drop and pressure effectively. Furthermore, it can store 4PCS DS card, 2PCS SD card, and it is also compatible with 3DS retractable stylus pen and NSDI stylus. Moreover, the accessories can be put in it firmly and there is no shock, it is very easy to carry and is really a necessity for N3DS players.


1. The shell adopts high strength plastic material. It sprays oil, which looks up-market and fashionable.

2. It is multi-functional, which can store several accessories of 3DS console.

3. The product is lined with glossy ABS card case, which shows the dedicated technology of the product.

4. The appearance of the product is simple, and it is comfortable and easy to use.  


1. To put the accessories into the product, first press the OPEN button on the lower cover to open it, and then put the accessories in corresponding place, next, you can close it.

2. To take them out, just press the OPEN button to open it, take out the card or the stylus pen in the direction of the finger place.


1.Material: ABS

2.Color: According to customers’ requirements


4.Dimensions: 111.6X72X16.3MM

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