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NDSL Aluminium case
Item: NDL-003

 Brief Introduction
 For place your NDSL console into this Aluminium Case. The inner layer is cloth with soft nap. It can prevent your console from scratch or mar as fall off and stress effectively. So the can 
protect your NDL console more Comprehensive. You can insert the earphone or the NDSL touch pen 
into the NDSL console directly. Needn't take  your NDSL out from the case. So it is convenient
for game player to play the games.

- Place your NDSL into the Aluminium Case. The  game card exposed to the indentation of the
Aluminium Case. 
- You can insert the earphone or the NDSL touch  pen into the NDSL console at any moment. Needn't Take the NDSL out from the case.Care Proceeding
- Make sure to place your NDSL into the  Aluminium Case correctly.
- When you don't use the touch pen. Please place  it into the port on your console to avoid lose it.

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